The Immortal World Series

The Immortal World is a series of standalone novels set in the same world, with recurring characters. Each new novel focuses on a new main character and their journey through the world. Of course, there is an over-arching series plot, but it is not necessary to read the novels in order.

Only The Stars Know (Book 1)

“Only the Stars Know is a beautiful love story. So…you should read it. It’s awesome!” – Emily Voss

“It’s hard to put down once you start, so be sure to set aside some quality reading time for yourself!!” -Kate H.

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Rowan is a town that is seldom left, or found.

Within the cottage on the edge of town, Kali finds the quiet solitude that she has sentenced herself to. Keeping herself away from people, she hopes she can escape a past that leaves her terrified of her own subconscious.

Zane left the town twelve years ago and was never heard from again. Now he has returned to seek the advice of old friend, only to find Kali in residence instead. While he will not reveal himself to his family and friends, something about Kali keeps drawing him back to the cottage.

He must leave soon though, tonight…because the ones who took him years before, are coming.

They will never stop looking for him.

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Shadows On The Wall (Book 2)

“I started reading this book not knowing what to expect and then couldn’t put it down. It is an unusual and great read.” – Kevin G.

“A fast-paced page-turner that pulled me in from page one.” – Molly E.

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Her memories are missing. She doesn’t even know her own name. her master calls her Cameo, but it has never felt right.
Her body is held as a slave, forced to hunt her own kind The depraved vampire who has taken her freedom has also convinced her she is weak, and has no where else to go.
Over the years, Anthony’s bloodlust has strayed into the forbidden: other immortals. When Anthony sends Cameo after a shape shifter named Daniel it becomes clear that he has chosen the wrong victim. Daniel is surrounded by his vampire friends, one called David in particular. Besides being very protective of his friend, David also develops a disconcerting interest in Cameo.
As the web of lies spun around Cameo starts to unravel, it isn’t only her memories she finds, but her strength and something new too: her anger.

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Die For Me Again (Book 3)

I want to go visit Discord and experience the vampire culture that the author created. Seriously read it and read it now! – Kate K.

“COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! A real good read. Loved it.” – Maryjo W.

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It isn’t easy being a seven hundred year old Roman Catholic vampire, to say the least, but whether or not Angela Estrada could enter a church became the least of her worries the day she reluctantly became the leader of her clan.

Connor is having a really weird day. First, he was chased by a pack of wolves until he collapsed, sure he was about to be eaten alive. Now, the most terrifyingly beautiful creature he has ever seen is demanding answers he cannot give.

Vampire law dictates that Angela kill the human just for discovering the immortal city of Discord, but lurking behind his eyes is a voice from Angela’s past that has haunted her for nearly 600 years. She lets Connor live, against the wishes of everyone including her best friend, Damon, and the vampire leader, Hadrian.

Determined to find the truth, whatever the cost, Angela must face not only her most painful memories, but also the possibility that Connor is possessed.

Either that, or she is finally losing her mind.

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The Eleventh Light (Novella, 3.5)

Great prose, beautiful vivid descriptions, stellar characters and a thoroughly enjoyable short read. -Sarah A.

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The Sight has run in Millicent Gifford’s bloodline for hundreds of generations, passed on in secret as far back as memory can reach. Blessed with an extraordinarily powerful Sight, Millie has more control than most seers, making it easier to hide it from her fellow humans.

But Millie’s Sight is on the fritz. Uncontrollable visions of a vicious attack on a city won’t leave her alone and she’s terrified she won’t be able to hide her Sight much longer. When the visions only intensify Millie decides to intervene, even though her Sight indicates the victims may not be entirely human.

She only planned on a quick trip: Warn the immortals and be home in time to walk her parents’ dog. She never counted on the vampires, the charming Mikael Rsykamp, or being faced with a much more difficult dilemma: After delivering her message, how could she ever go home?

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Tears You Apart (Book 4)

Hiner is a master plot weaver. If you thought that the Immortal World was “just another vampire book”… you would be very, very wrong.

-Mel C.

This installment will draw you in, wrap you up, and squeeze you tight with every aspect of the story!…I cannot wait for the next, to see what new techniques she pulls out from her bloody sleeves (pun intended) and who else we get to fall in love with.

-Haley L.

With her exceptional world building skills and knack for creating characters you’ll fall in love with, the author has continued to please her readers time and time again. -KT Daxon

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Hadrian Catane never wrote a law he couldn’t keep. Until now. Hadrian’s Laws are very clear on vampire-human interaction: No human can know of the immortals’ existence; those who do must die.

Aubrianna Pennington only wanted a quick drive to clear her head. She would have been home for dinner if it wasn’t for the accident. In the dark and the rain, an angel comes for her, but not to take her to the afterlife.

Drawn by crippling pain to a scene of destruction, Hadrian finds Aubri dying. The mysterious bond that connects them allows Hadrian to feel all of her agony. As she slips closer to death, it’s impossible to know if she’ll take him with. Forced to act on instinct, he chooses to save her.

Unrest stirs within the vampire hierarchy. With werewolf attacks on the rise, all eyes are on Hadrian as the leader of the Immortal World. His realm is on the brink of civil war and the last thing Hadrian needs is to show any weakness, but in keeping Aubri alive he may end up breaking every single one of his Laws.

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Coming in…

2019: The White Lady’s Will (Novella 4.5) (Caleb)

2019: Theory of Resonance (Book 5) (Errin Kaye)

2020: To Howl Unheard (Novella 5.5) (Kael Pennington)

2020: Weaken The Knees (Book 6) (Rene Kaplan)

2021: Untitled Novella (Wade Elliot)

2021: We Are Only Shadows (Book 7) (Daniel Suthers)

2022: The Dead of Winter (Book 8) (River Black & Fletcher)

2023: In The Darkness, Remain (Book 9) (Damon Reine)

2024: Submerged In Darkness (Book 10) (Liam)