Review: Shattered Honor (Shadows of War Book 3) – By Anne Wheeler

The only thing he’d forgotten over the past weeks—no, years, was who he really was. “War is chaotic,” he said. “It’s messy. It always has been and always will be, and some of the best people don’t make it through. And split-second decisions are never easy. Gareth Chase might be a model Haederan officer, but … Continue reading Review: Shattered Honor (Shadows of War Book 3) – By Anne Wheeler

Indie Book Review: Disintegration by J.E. Purazzi

Disintegration, by J.E. Purazzi is Book 2 of the Malfunction Trilogy, a high-stakes dystopian sci-fi series. Check it out on Amazon What comes after surrender? When Bas willingly returned to the Compound, Menrva swore his sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain. As Bunker hurtles toward an uncertain future, she determines to do whatever it takes to … Continue reading Indie Book Review: Disintegration by J.E. Purazzi

Review: Unbroken Fire (Shadows of War #2) by Anne Wheeler

Welcome, and prepare to be blown away. Not by me, of course, not this time, but by Unbroken Fire. My rating of this book consists of five full days of heart-eyes. Seriously. 

Those of you who already read and remember my review of Asrian Skies know that I very much enjoyed that book. Like, a lot. So when I tell you that Unbroken Fire is better, you will know that means it is not only good, it is fan-freaking-tabulous to the extreme. 

Review: Malfunction by J.E. Purazzi

Malfunction, by J.E. Purazzi is a bio-punk sci-fi dystopian New Adult adventure for the mind and soul. (try saying that ten times fast!)

Don't let my over-categorization turn you off though, if you enjoy character-driven plot, high-stakes intensity and and excellent world-building, you are in for a treat with this one.