Chapter 2 of Tears You Apart

Only 3 weeks remain until Tears You Apart is released! Every Tuesday until 9/18/18 I'll be releasing a preview chapter for you to read- this week is Chapter 2! Open the PDF below to read Chapter 2 for free, and if you missed Chapter 1 last week, you can find it right here. Read Chapter … Continue reading Chapter 2 of Tears You Apart


Chapter 1 of Tears You Apart

Tears You Apart releases in 28 days! Are you ready to dive in? Below is a link to read Chapter 1 for free. Chapter 2 will follow next Tuesday, 3 & 4 the weeks after that. All leading up to 9/18/18. Happy Reading! Chapter One - PDF

Review: Unbroken Fire (Asrian Skies #2) by Anne Wheeler

Welcome, and prepare to be blown away. Not by me, of course, not this time, but by Unbroken Fire. My rating of this book consists of five full days of heart-eyes. Seriously.  Those of you who already read and remember my review of Asrian Skies know that I very much enjoyed that book. Like, a lot. So when I tell you that Unbroken Fire is better, you will know that means it is not only good, it is fan-freaking-tabulous to the extreme.