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Blog Tour Requests:

I am currently open to blog tour requests, if you are releasing a novel, re-releasing, or simply doing a promotion- drop me a line! I love to do interviews, guest posts, spotlights, etc.

Review Requests:

Please be sure to read my Review Policy before soliciting a review.

Genres that interest me (in order of preference): New Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Urban & Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Christian, Historical Fiction, Contemporary, Young Adult (I put this here for the NA writers who haven’t admitted to themselves that 18 & 19 y/o’s are not YA protags).

Notice: I did not list: mystery, dystopian, suspense — That is because I do not typically enjoy these genres. There are exceptions to every rule, however, and if your book falls into a genre I do like, and dabbles in one of these, I can be convinced to read it.

Notice 2.0: I do not read horror, middle grade or nonfiction.