TYA Chapters 1-4 & Giveaway Announcement

Only one more week until Tears You Apart is released! In the last year I doubted more than once that I could get another book ready so soon for publishing, but thanks to the support of my amazing friends and family we've managed it! Without further delay, you can now read the first 4 chapters absolutely … Continue reading TYA Chapters 1-4 & Giveaway Announcement


Chapter 2 of Tears You Apart

Only 3 weeks remain until Tears You Apart is released! Every Tuesday until 9/18/18 I'll be releasing a preview chapter for you to read- this week is Chapter 2! Open the PDF below to read Chapter 2 for free, and if you missed Chapter 1 last week, you can find it right here. Read Chapter … Continue reading Chapter 2 of Tears You Apart