One Score & Ten Years Ago…

Hi there! (waves)

I’m Shannon. I write books.

Okay, seeing as you are here, it is likely you already realized that. When I was 14 years old, I challenged myself to write something more original than anyone else. That effort eventually resulted in my first book, Submerged In Darkness.

However, there was a problem: I created a monster. Oh, and I killed off my favorite character–shhhh! No spoilers.

Yes, so, the monster wanted to write, and keep writing, and after that–write some more. However, what with a certain someone dead, I felt a well of hopelessness (that can only be born of a writer’s very real propensity for drama) within me that positively wailed at the thought of writing in a world where <insert name here> was dead.

And that’s when it came to me. I hadn’t written the first book in a long, beautiful epic series.

No, in fact, I had written the last one.

Immediately, I sought to rectify this mistake. So, I started at the beginning, with Only The Stars Know. Over time the series has stretched to a planned 10 novels, with novellas sprinkled here and there. 

In this journey, I have realized something else, also: Submerged In Darkness is not the last. Finally, I have met characters who I believe can see me past the death of my beloved first character, and onward to a satisfactory and beautiful conclusion for the Immortal World.

Of course, that is quite a few books/years down the road. As I write each new book, I seem to discover three new characters each time who deserve their own shot.

So buckle up, buttercup, it’s gonna be a looong, bumpy ride.

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