One Score & Eight Years Ago…

Hi there! (waves)

I’m Shannon. I write books.

Okay, seeing as you are here, it is likely you already realized that. When I was 14 years old, I challenged myself to write something more original than anyone else. That effort eventually resulted in my first book, Submerged In Darkness.

However, there was a problem: I created a monster. Oh, and I killed off my favorite character–shhhh! No spoilers.

Yes, so, the monster wanted to write, and keep writing, and after that–write some more. However, what with a certain someone dead, I felt a well of hopelessness (that can only be born of a writer’s very real propensity for drama) within me that positively wailed at the thought of writing in a world where <insert name here> was dead.

And that’s when it came to me. I hadn’t written the first book in a long, beautiful epic series.

No, in fact, I had written the last one.

Immediately, I sought to rectify this mistake. So, I started at the beginning, with Only The Stars Know. And now the newly released Tears You Apart. The series is even being stretched to include novellas along the way.

In this journey, I have realized something else, also: Submerged In Darkness is not the last. Finally, I have met characters who I believe can see me past the death of my beloved first character, and onward to a satisfactory and beautiful conclusion for the Immortal World.

Of course, that is quite a few books/years down the road. As I write each new book, I seem to discover three new characters each time who deserve their own shot.

So buckle up, buttercup, it’s gonna be a looong, bumpy ride.


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