New Release: The Weight of Stars and Suns by Dawn Christine Jonckowski

It was the space of a breath. It was the duration of eternity. A star broke open, a far planet was born. Elements danced in a patterned round and the cosmos froze for a heartbeat.

The Weight of Stars and Suns

One hundred years ago, the spaceship Genesis crashed on a planet ringed with thirty-six suns.
And all hell broke loose.

Now the descendants of the marooned humans live enslaved to the natives. As the humans plan their latest rebellion, the suns of Tav begin to extinguish one by one. The ecological and political turmoil is Tavarian princess Dameia’s chance to prove herself worthy of becoming the next Chieftain. When her well-ordered path collides with the humans’ rebel leader Hyam, the unlikely allies find themselves reconsidering ingrained prejudices in order to protect the future of the planet and everyone on it.

Tav is facing imminent ruin. Hyam is caught between the freedom of his people and the princess he has come to love; Dameia battles the demands of her birthright and its condemnation of the human who has become her world.

Because if they each save their people, they cannot save each other.

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The Weight of Stars and Suns is sci-fi romance on an interstellar scale. Jonckowski’s characters leap off the page and into your heart–even the ones maybe you weren’t supposed to love so much. (Or, maybe you were, and this is all part of her plan to break your heart in the most glorious way possible.)

A few years ago, I made my way back to the Twittersphere with the intention of finding like-minded writers and a supportive community of independent authors. One of the first people I ended up “meeting” was the inimitable Dawn C. Jonckowski.

But I have a confession to make. A deep, dark, secret that has clouded my soul for far too long: I didn’t fall in friendship-love with Dawn herself first, I fell for her story.

The little tease would post beautiful snippets of her work in progress, and I fell ass-over-teakettle in love right from the get go. I felt it, I knew, I couldn’t deny: I had to make this lovely, talented person my own.

Over the course of a few months, I systematically wormed my way into her life and heart, gleaning scraps of her glorious story at every opportunity. When she posted the first 5 chapters of her story on her website, who was the first one there? You better believe it was me.

A few months into my secret, evil plan, I was endowed with one of the original Advanced Copies of The Weight of Stars and Suns. I still consider it one of the luckiest and most special days of my book-life. I squeed, and squealed, and held it tight . . . then I spent an entire night reading it.

At nearly midnight, I blew up Dawn’s inbox with my thoughts and reactions. They were legion.

Here’s the thing; I still remember every detail of that read. The magic, the romance, the heartbreak, and the infinitely satisfying end–it’s all stamped permanently in my mind. It’s not often that a book comes along and lodges itself so firmly in your heart and soul, but this book . . . this book does. Re-reading it this year has only sunk me deeper in love (obsession?)

Jonckowski’s writing has a lyricism, a musical beat, and a romantic inhale that moves through you and speaks to you. Her characters will make you laugh and cry and groan in sympathy.

This book is so, so special. I can honestly say; if you don’t read it you’ll be missing out on a true piece of magic.

The Weight of Stars and Suns releases on February 25th and is available for preorder: View on Amazon!

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