Theory of Resonance Blog Tour Wrap-Up & Giveaway Winners Announced!


What. A. Week.

Last week was incredible, so many fun posts, so much buzz for my beloved Theory of Resonance…I’m truly in awe. Did you see it all? Well, just in case, let’s do a brief recap:

On Monday, Shauna Philp introduced us to The Immortal World Series on her YouTube channel. Taking us up to Theory of Resonance and including a brief review.

Then, on Tuesday, Errin Kaye was interviewed by Sarah Krewis and revealed some never before known information about his past.

I, apparently, died in a carriage accident. Even in those times, the immortals had connections throughout the infrastructure, so it was all tied up as neatly as possible and my loved ones were able to grieve and move on.

Wednesday brought us to an incredibly beautiful review by Krystle Kwiatkowska that may or may not have made my whole year…

The developing relationship between Errin and Bree keeps you hooked, their witty banter keeps you laughing, and the intrigue of everything keeps you on the edge of your seat.

On Thursday we had two stops! First, Cheyanne A. Lepka interviewed yours truly (I may or may not have teased some information about Book 6!) and shared an excerpt.

Then, Mikki Noble shared a guest post, Pantser to Plantsing Plot Jedi in which I explain how exactly I’m keeping all of the details of The Immortal World straight.

Sure, the plot board makes me look like Charlie Day in It’s Always Sunny on bad days, but on good days I’m totally Tony Stark discovering time travel. 

Friday was Release Day and brought us two new fresh & exciting stops. Errin sat down for his second interview, with Meghan Tomlinson, where he got to share some of his Immortal World Famous science puns and dish on what’s next for the Immortal World.

Then an exclusive excerpt was shared by Anne Wheeler. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of my favorite scenes in the whole book.

Saturday rolled in and brought us to my interview with Sarah Joy Green-Hart and let me just tell you, this lady asks some tough questions. I really had to stretch my imagination to keep up with her.

We’ve opened the book called Shannon A. Hiner. This is a magical sensory book. It has one smell, one sound, one taste, and one visual to express the essence of who you are. What are they?

Laura A. Grace wrapped up the blog tour on Sunday with a guest post in which she invited me to share the 3 Juiciest Things you’d be missing if you didn’t read Theory of Resonance.

Don’t get too comfortable though, these creatures may be beautiful, but there’s no immortals more dangerous to your body, mind, and soul.

So many wonderful stops, so much wonderful Theory of Resonance love shared. I’m so grateful to all of my hosts, and I hope you’ve followed them all and let them know how awesome they are. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of bloggers to help launch this book.

So Theory is out, and all the hullabaloo must now die down until next year when Weaken The Knees is ready to publish.

But, wait! There’s one more super important thing: Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered and shared the giveaway, the following winners will be contacted by email to receive their prizes.

Grand Prize: Immortal World Tote Bag, Mug, Full Set of 6 Bookmarks, & Books 1-4 on e-Book. (Only the Stars Know, Shadows On the Wall, Die For Me Again, Tears You Apart)

Winner: Sarah VanDeBogert

First Runners Up: Books 1-4 on e-Book (Only the Stars Know, Shadows On the Wall, Die For Me Again, Tears You Apart)

Winners: Samantha Martin & Eileen Boyce

Second Runners Up: E-Books of the Novellas – The Eleventh Light & The White Lady’s Song

Winners: Laura Pol & Nicky Heim

Thanks again to everyone who came out for the blog tour! Make sure you pick up your copy of Theory of Resonance & Happy Reading!

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