Review: Shattered Honor (Shadows of War Book 3) – By Anne Wheeler

The only thing he’d forgotten over the past weeks—no, years, was who he really was.

“War is chaotic,” he said. “It’s messy. It always has been and always will be, and some of the best people don’t make it through. And split-second decisions are never easy.

Gareth Chase might be a model Haederan officer, but even his unshakable loyalty to his emperor can’t assuage his constant misgivings. Certain his past deeds have destined him to a hellish afterlife, he’s not happy to be ordered to his empire’s newly conquered planet of Asria to keep watch on their princess. He’s even less thrilled to find that his new charge is insolent, reckless, and defiant—and almost certainly an enemy spy. 

Katryn Holt is also headed for Asria—as a hostage. But hostages aren’t usually treated like this, are they? She’s got her own cabin on the long-range starship, pleasant company—even if he is Haederan—and black-market Commonwealth coffee. But as she wrestles with her strange attraction to Rhys Linden, one thought remains—how will things change once they reach their destination? 

Torn between his obligations and conscience, Chase will fight his imperial duty, no matter the cost. Trapped between her brother’s mistakes and her own emotions, Katryn will fight for what seems to be a hopeless escape. But by the time the two finally meet on this foreign, war-torn planet, setting things right again may be impossible.

Shattered Honor shows the events of Asrian Skies from the view of the conquerors . . . who aren’t always the winners.

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Shattered Honor is the third installment in the Shadows of War series by Anne Wheeler. While sci-fi has never been my wheelhouse, this series captured me from the word “Go” because of its character-driven twisty plots. Wheeler never lets the story get bogged down in the technicalities of space travel and the history of this alternate world is revealed only when strictly necessary to the plot.

Instead, political intrigue and the choices of the characters drive every portion of this series onward and upward. Sometimes through space, sometimes across planets, and sometimes just through the most difficult decision a person can possibly make.

Yeah, that’s all.

This installment is the book we’ve all been craving since being introduced to Colonel Gareth Chase in book 1, Asrian Skies, and been begging for since book 2, Unbroken Fire revealed an incredible and heart-rending twist to this ridiculously charming antagonist’s story.

Chase is the “bad” dude you could never quite hate, the antagonist who unapologetically stole your interest and now, he’s here for your heart. (Assuming you’re one of the few hearts he hadn’t already collected.)

While this novel takes the reader back through the events of Asrian Skies, it never feels like a stale rehashing of events. Instead, it takes you deep into the mind of the conquerors, and makes you see the world from their perspective. It forces you to identify with the ones you wanted to hate, and eventually, root for them. Shattered Honor enriches the experience of the other novels in the series and will probably make you want to reread the first couple of books.

Chase is only one half of this novel, though. I first read Katryn’s story when it was released as its own novella, Forever’s End. I loved it at the time, but I love it even more in conjunction with Chase’s story. It’s a snake charmer’s tune as these two characters’ stories slowly but inexorably become entwined.

Kat is like the reader, as she starts to question who is good and who is bad. What is good? What is bad?

Is it all about perspective? Or is there unmutable right and wrong? And what do you do when you find yourself on the wrong side? How do you know you’re on the wrong side?

Shattered Honor is a dissection of humanity and choices. It forces every character to question his or herself and ask, “Am I good?”

That’s no simple question for anyone to answer honestly, and the characters struggle. Sometimes they fail. Sometimes they make decisions that have heart-wrenching consequences. And without even trying it will make you, the reader, ask yourself, “Would I make the same decision?”

You might not be comfortable with the truth, if you’re honest with yourself.

Shattered Honor has just been released on 6/18, and I guarantee you don’t want to miss this one:

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What’s a story you wish you could experience from the antagonist’s point of view? Do you think it would change your understanding of the story’s events?

2 thoughts on “Review: Shattered Honor (Shadows of War Book 3) – By Anne Wheeler

  1. Shattered Honor is a dissection of humanity and choices. It forces every character to question his or herself and ask, “Am I good?”
    Completely agree! The whole series is particularly fine dissection of the complexity of humanity.
    Insightful review, Shannon. 😀👍

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