Indie Book Review : The Citizen by E.B. Dawson

The Citizen is the second book in E.B. Dawson’s Sci-Fi Fantasy series Lost Empires.

“There might be peace in the jungle, but it was a rare, vicious peace–accustomed to pain and death.”
– E.B. Dawson, The Citizen

As the nation of Riyen tries to recover from a shocking revelation, Anissa finds herself completely isolated from her friends. Struggling with bitterness, guilt, and grief, her passion for justice threatens to turn into a quest for vengeance. But when her true identity comes into question, she will uncover a life-altering truth that will shake the world to its core.

For my review of Book 1, The Traveler, head this way…

I have a confession to make. Are you ready? I don’t know how to review this book without giving away massive spoilers. Yes, it’s true. I’m stumped. I’ve been letting this knowledge intimidate me for the last couple months as I mulled over my review.

Normally I don’t stress too much about spoilers, I can avoid them pretty easily when talking about what I loved in a book. That’s not the case with The Citizen.

Look, as a both a writer myself and an avid reader the simple truth is I can see a plot twist or reveal coming from a mile away. Very little surprises me in story-telling anymore. And that’s okay, because for me it’s about the journey rather than the destination.

But here’s the thing; the reveal, the twist, the discovery in The Citizen surprised me. It pulled off something that so few books do these days. It subverted my expectations. I was actually shocked, and in the best way.

So while I can tell you that Dawson’s prose is exquisite, her characterization always on point, her creativity unquestioned, the real reason that I absolutely loved this book was the plot. And I refuse to tell you anything about it.

I refuse. You can’t make me.

Because you need to experience this fresh and unbiased for yourself.

So, go ahead, read my review of Book 1 in the series, The Traveler, and decide if the series is for you. If you enjoy The Traveler you’re going to be in for a real treat with The Citizen.

I mean, just the ending..where this story takes the reader…cans of worms…can’t say enough without saying too much, aghh I have so much frustration over this dilemma!

Just read it, and when you’re done we’ll have a gushy-fangirl conversation, okay? Get to it. I’ll wait here.

Click right here to view this book on Amazon.

Have you read The Citizen? What did you think? What book has totally surprised you with it’s twist?

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