Where In The World Is Shannon A. Hiner?

In the last months you may have found yourself wondering, “What the devil happened to Shan? She was here bugging us almost constantly about her new release, Tears You Apart, then the darned thing released and she just…disappeared…”

And you’re right. I did.

I am so sorry that I deprived you of your dosage of the Essential Shan™. It certainly wasn’t my intention to go dark for over two months.

Now, I don’t wish to excuse my behavior, but I would like an opportunity to explain myself and let you know how I plan to fix this gross miss-step.

First, a brief overview of events:

  • Tears You Apart released at the end of September and I spent October marketing, chatting, blogging, and making the rounds. Me, an introvert…Yes, I was worn out.
  • November 1st, NaNoWriMo took over my life.
  • November 8th the Camp Fire broke out a few short miles from my home and derailed literally everything in my life. The most devastating wild fire in California state history ravaged my home county. Those of us lucky enough to survive with homes and lives intact were burdened not only with survivor’s guilt, but a coating of ash so thick it was dangerous to venture outdoors.
  • December=holidays. Just after returning from an Arizona Thanksgiving, I proceeded to go out and do things every single weekend (with people) finally ending in hosting Christmas Eve & Christmas dinner at my house. (Again; introvert. So. Drained.)
  • On top of all of this, I have been working overtime at the day job nearly every day.

Amongst all of this I have found it incredibly difficult to get my life, both personal and entrepreneurial, back on track. Making time for social media was the last thing I could make myself care about. Sitting down and reading a book felt impossible. Imagine that..reading…one of my most favorite things in the world.

Somehow, by sheer force of will, I finished the first draft of Weaken The Knees by the end of November. 95,000 words now wait to be edited later this year. I took December off from writing, thoroughly burned out and emotionally drained beyond belief.

I left December just for getting back to ‘normal’–whatever that is for me. I enjoyed the holidays to the fullest, and tried to stop guilt-tripping myself over my perceived deficiencies.

I am very happy to report that it worked. I feel much more myself now, and am ready to dive back in. In fact, I just finished reading a book — review coming this Tuesday, 1/15.

Also, I’ve finally got my act together and worked on putting together a mailing list. The Immortal World Newsletter will be a quarterly mailing (with rare exceptions for important news) full of writing updates, deals, announcements and, of course, your Essential Shan™.

If those sound like things you’d like to know about, you can sign up here: The Immortal World Newsletter Sign Up Form

Oh, and if you do, you’ll get a free copy of The Eleventh Light ebook. So there’s that. 😉

In the meantime, I’m just beginning to revise book 5, Theory of Resonance, to be released later this year. After I’ve finished revisions I’ll be drafting another novella, which those of you who’ve read Tears You Apart may be excited to hear is being told from the perspective of Kael Pennington. Also to be released this year.

By the way, if you subscribe to that newsletter I mentioned, you may find yourself in possession of an ARC or two….just saying…

So never fear, my darlings. I’m back, I’m here to stay, and if you let me, I’ll be bugging you about a new book here in just a few months.

Until next time….

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