Tears You Apart Cover & Blurb Reveal

The last seven months have been a true adventure in rewriting and editing my 8 year old draft of The Immortal World Book 4, better known as Tears You Apart.

I am so proud of the result, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my editor, critique partner, and my writing tribe.

Without further ado, the cover & blurb of Tears You Apart: The Immortal World Book 4.

UpdateTearsYouApart - Front copy

Hadrian Catane never wrote a law he couldn’t keep. Until now. Hadrian’s Laws are very clear on vampire-human interaction: No human can know of the immortals’ existence; those who do must die.

Aubrianna Pennington only wanted a quick drive to clear her head. She would have been home for dinner if it wasn’t for the accident. In the dark and the rain, an angel comes for her, but not to take her to the afterlife.

Drawn by crippling pain to a scene of destruction, Hadrian finds Aubri dying. The mysterious bond that connects them allows Hadrian to feel all of her agony. As she slips closer to death, it’s impossible to know if she’ll take him with. Forced to act on instinct, he chooses to save her.

Unrest stirs within the vampire hierarchy. With werewolf attacks on the rise, all eyes are on Hadrian as the leader of the Immortal World. His realm is on the brink of civil war and the last thing Hadrian needs is to show any weakness, but in keeping Aubri alive he may end up breaking every single one of his Laws.

UpdateTearsYouApart - Full copy

Tears You Apart will be available in paperback & ebook on September 18th, 2018.

The ebook is now available for preorder.

You can add it to your Goodreads shelf here.

If you are interested in receiving an Advanced Reading Copy in exchange for an honest review, send me an email at: shannonahiner@gmail.com.

The festivities don’t end here!

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Starting August 21st, I will be releasing 1 chapter of Tears You Apart per week on this blog until the release date!

The Tears You Apart Release Extravaganza will be running from 9/16-9/22—we are currently looking for bloggers interested in reviewing, interviewing, showcasing excerpts & author spotlights. If you’re interested, please send an email to: shannonahiner@gmail.com.

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