Shamrock Bash Writing Tag

Folks, I was called out in public, and now it’s time to reap the consequences.

You heard me right. My awesome critique partner, Shauna, has challenged me to her newly minted Shamrock Bash Writing Tag, in celebration of St Patrick’s Day this Saturday.

Challenge Accepted.

First of all, the rules are as follows:

1) Provide a brief description of your novel before beginning. NO MORE THAN 5 SENTENCES.

2) If your cast is fewer than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than twice. If your cast is larger than 15 characters, you can’t use the same name more than once.

3) Tag at least one other writer friend and share the link to your blog/vlog or however you shared it on Twitter using #shamrockbash so, we can all read yours. (You should definitely tag Shauna directly– @shauna_philp)

Tears You Apart

Between rising werewolf attacks, unrest brewing within the vampire hierarchy, and the day to day running of his clan, leader of the Immortal World, Hadrian Catane, doesn’t have time for distractions. And as the author of Hadrian’s Laws, he holds himself to the highest standard. But when a crippling pain overtakes him and brings him to the side of a dying human, he’ll be forced to reevaluate the choices he’s made about his personal life. Aubrianna’s warmth and good humor draw him in, but the Laws are clear on immortal-human interaction. How can he keep her safe, without compromising and losing who he is?

The Questions

During the St. Patrick’s Day celebration…

1.) Which character would go all out to prepare a traditional holiday feast?

Probably Caleb, with his fun-loving, people-pleasing nature. He would burn the potatoes (yes, I know they’re supposed to be boiled– but he doesn’t), under cook the corned beef and forget to pick up the mustard. The green beer would be en pointe though, so there’s that.

2.) Which character ends up getting pinched all night because they forgot to wear green?

Damon Reine. He doesn’t wear green. He really doesn’t wear…colors. So, you might say he didn’t actually forget. But if he gets pinched one more time, so help me—

3.) Which character drinks a little too much green beer and passes out on the couch?

Hahaa! Kael! He’s probably moping in the corner, glaring at Caleb, drinking tooooo much.

4.) Which character has all the bad luck and deserves a permanent four-leaf clover pinned to their chest?

Oh, if I could give it to him, it would be Damon. I can’t though, nothing can fix the mess he is in. Some people just can’t catch a break. Sorry, love.

5.) Who could give St. Patrick a run for his money? (Who’s the saint?)

Oh, that’d be Angela of course. She talks a good game, but at the end of the night you’ll see her over at St. Catherine’s, asking forgiveness and praying for her enemies.

6.) Who has the “luck of the Irish?”

I’m giving this one to Melchior. It’s going to be a long time for his luck cup runs dry. He’s like a cockroach, or a twinkie. No, he’s like a cockroach twinkie. He’s always ready to roll with the punches, and he’ll survive anything. For now.

7.) Which character is stealing all the hosts gold?

That would be Ignatius…but it isn’t really the gold he’s after. It’s power, any kind, any way. He’ll steal it.

8.) St. Patrick’s color was actually light blue. Which character would get into an argument and start a petition to change the color to be factually accurate?

Faolán O’Shaughnessy…for obvious reasons. He’s super Irish, if you couldn’t tell. He despises the Americanized version of the Saint’s feast day.

9.) At the age of 16, St. Patrick was captured by Irish pirates. Which character could convince them to let him/her go?

Who has the sweetest, silverest talking tongue? Fletcher. Of course, he probably knows the pirates. Actually, he probably owes them money. Never mind, he’s not escaping.

I’m changing this answer to Hadrian. He’s a diplomat to his core and might even be able to talk the pirates into releasing Fletch as well.

10.) According to legend, a captured Leprechaun will grant three wishes for its freedom. Who is crafty enough to catch it and what would be their three wishes?

I think Aubrianna is getting these three wishes.

1.) Better control/understanding of her Sight.

2.) She wants to know all of Hadrian’s secrets. All Of Them.

3.) The wish closest to her heart is to know where she belongs, and be there.

Many thanks to Shauna for the tag! It’s fun to imagine all of these guys and gals at a party together…that totally doesn’t happen in Tears You Apart. OR DOES IT?

Check out Shauna’s original tag here.

And feel free to pick up these questions for your own blog, don’t forget to tag it #ShamrockBash.

Also, I’m tagging KT Daxon & Mel Carter: CONSIDER YOURSELVES CHALLENGED!

Note: If you find yourself curious about these characters and their super awesomeness, you can catch them in my next novel, Tears You Apart, to be released this Fall.

(graphics courtesy of Shauna Philp) (who I stole them from) (but I asked) (okay, I didn’t ask) (I just took them) (#noregrets)

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