New Release Review: Dissemble by Sarah Addison-Fox

Dissemble: The Allegiance Series (Book 2) by Sarah Addison-Fox

“All of those years training, thinking there was honour and glory in fighting in a war, and there was nothing glorious about it…”

Dissemble Addison-Fox

Once you’re in, you’re in for life. 

Plunged into the heart of the country she fled, with one chance to unlock her past, Celeste must employ every skill she has to protect the unsuspecting family she’s grown to love.

With her future, and that of the Haynes family, dependent on her success, a newly trained Celeste is sent undercover to the capital city of Kyraenea.
Celeste’s new handler Torrance Kyle has plans that don’t involve doing his job or playing by the rules. Can she trust Torrance with her life, or is he hiding as many secrets as she is?

Will a disillusioned Mick risk everything to find Celeste, or settle for guarding the home front in Etraea? 

Can Celeste find the truth in a world built on deceit, or will her mission lead her straight to the place she fears the most?

Ready to dive back in?

You only think you are.

Whereas Disowned was a sweet-talking mild-mannered introduction to the Allegiance series, Dissemble strides through the door of the tavern, half-doors swinging wide, spurs glistening, and a devilish tilt to its cowboy hat–ready to take on the world.

Prepared? In your dreams.

This novel knows what its talking about, and isn’t afraid to tell you the story. Come what may.

The pacing is a lot faster here, the characters developed and ready to spring off the page and–please excuse the cliche–the plot thickens.

The things we love continue, Celeste with her damaged naivety, Mick with his brash, but well-meaning temperament, the beautiful, loving family back home…oh yes, *back* home.

We aren’t in Texas (Etra) anymore, kids. We are in the thick of things; Kyraenea.

What I loved:
World-building greatly expanded on.
Torrance (need I say more)
Spies! Undercover!

What I didn’t love:
…. Nothing to see here folks, please move right along.

This is a fantasy novel written from the perspective of a Christian. That doesn’t mean it shies away from what is real, what is out there. It means that the author sees these things, acknowledges there is darkness in the world, and then shows you the light. Guides you to what is good and true.

It’s Christian fiction done right.

You can’t hide in the light, not in this world. You need to go out, out into the darkness, and FIGHT IT.

Sarah Addison-Fox is doing that. She’s doing it well.

Read this novel if you dare, but I’m warning you: You’ll have to read the rest of the series too.

P.S. I honestly have no idea where all the Cowboy/Western references came from. I probably had way too much caffeine today. I apologize for nothing.

Dissemble was just released this week, and is available HERE.

Also, you can read my fantabulous review of Book 1, Disowned, RIGHT HERE.

Oh, and while you are being super awesome, you can also go see what Sarah Addison-Fox is working on next, RIGHT OVER HERE.

If you didn’t mind my strange preoccupation with the Western theme today, please let me know in the comments.

If you have suggestions on a theme for my next review, please feel free to let me know.

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