Only The Stars Know: 2nd Edition

As some of you already know, in the month of January I was hard at work on ‘fixing’ Only The Stars Know. Originally published in 2011, my process for editing and formatting books at the time can be categorized very simply: learning.

In the years since, I have changed my process considerably to include an out loud read of my proof copy which tends to catch a figurative crap-ton of typos. Realizing this, I have been mortified ever since to share my beloved Book 1, knowing that it still contained those nasty typos.

img_20180109_195601_905341188000.jpgThis is why, last fall, I decided something needed to be done about it. So, after finishing my first draft of Theory of Resonance,  I pulled out my copy of Only The Stars Know, all of my sticky note flags, and tackled the beast.


It was a rude wake-up call I didn’t need. But the story needed it. I would hate for anyone to be distracted from the actual story by those silly typos. I am, frankly, ashamed to have published it like that.

20180112_063909-1183196190.jpgIt is one of the reasons I tell anyone who will listen to take their time publishing. Make sure your book baby is perfect.

You don’t have to take my word for it, I have plenty of physical proof that reading out loud catches a terrifying amount of simple mistakes that your word processor and alpha/beta readers won’t.

After editing the beast one last time, I started work on reformatting the interior and cover files. Again, I have learned so much in the last 7 years about this process. I was determined that Only The Stars Know 2nd Edition would reflect that.


Formatting the interior file of a book is my least favorite part of self-publishing, but it is also the most rewarding. There is nothing quite like opening a book and knowing that every single piece of it is you. Every spot of ink on the page is exactly where you wanted it to be.  It is one reason I’m not sure I would be satisfied with traditional publishing. I love knowing that my book is exactly as I want it. Relinquishing that control to someone who cannot possibly love it as much as me is a scary thought.

Anyway, I finished formatting (eventually) and touched up the cover considerably as well.

Only The Stars Know is once again available to purchase both in e-book & paperback – both formats have been updated.

Front2018Special2ndEdition copy

I have also included the first two chapters of Shadows On The Wall as a teaser.

Currently, I have Only The Stars Know e-book enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for a trial period. I have never used KU before, and I was curious to see how it works.

If you don’t have/use Kindle Unlimited, the e-book is only 99 cents.

If you are interested in obtaining a review copy, please feel free to contact me.

You can read the first two chapters for free, right here on my blog ==> Here

Check out Only The Stars Know on Amazon

Or on Goodreads…

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