2018 The Year of Fire

Yep, I made that up. For those of you who know me a little too well (so sorry) you already know that I’m a bit of a pyro.

Oh, ya don’t say, your blog is only called Fueling the Fire and is all in red and orange. 

Okay, hush you.

I’m not into fire because I like to watch things burn or am obsessed with it’s destructive tendencies.

Fire represents passion, rebirth and new beginnings. Even while signaling an end to the old, fire ushers in new life. Did you know that the seeds of madrone trees sprout faster and stronger after a wildfire?

Loving fire is tough when you live in California. Every year wildfires sweep our state, destroying homes, taking lives & livelihoods. Smoke fills the valley air and colors the sunlight rust red. Every night on television you watch as thousands of people are evacuated and hear them worry about what or who was left behind.

I have been one of those people, I have housed those people. From every side it’s heart-breaking.

Despite this, I have continued to love fire. Fire forges a stronger metal, it burns deep in the love we feel and it wipes clean all that came before it.

Why is 2018 the year of fire?

This year I am finally going to take my writing to the next level. This last fall, I released Die For Me Again, a book I am fiercely proud of. It marked the real beginning, the moment when I made my mind up to not only be a writer, but to be an Author. Tackling the world of social media, I have earned so many new friends and have been incredibly inspired. I know that if I am going to make this work, being an Author, I have to take it as seriously as I do my ‘day job’. That means putting in the hours, the hard work, and building connections with others like me.

The last 4 months have been so rewarding, I could almost be satisfied. I am not. Like Ariel;

I Want More.

Starting this year, my plan is to release a new book in The Immortal World Series every year. There are 10 books in total planned for the initial phase (3 are already out), but I have ideas for many more, including some novellas.

By the end of this month, I am planning to re-release Book 1, Only The Stars Know, as a special 2nd edition, which will include a preview of Book 2, Shadows On The Wall. Aside from fancying it up a little, the second edition will also have some minor edits, correcting a few typos/formatting errors. I am planning to enroll it Kindle Unlimited & KDP Select for about 3 months, after that it will go back to full distribution. Giveaways for both paperback and eBook versions are planned, and I am considering a blog tour sometime early in February (more on this later).

The rewrite of Tears You Apart (The Immortal World: Book 4) begins today. The plan is to finish the second draft by April, give it to my Alpha reader in May, and have it into the hands of Beta readers by June. July & August will be the final edits before it releases in September.

October will, hopefully, be a blessedly quiet month, as I prepare for NaNoWriMo and the first draft of Book 6 – Weaken The Knees.

I plan to continue my Indie Book Tour, there are so many great books my compatriots are putting out. In addition to reviewing these books, I plan to buy my favorites in paperback for a special Indie Shelf in my personal library.

In short, I have fully committed myself to 2018 being my first full year as an Author, with all that entails. This isn’t a hobby. This isn’t a pastime. This is a real job, and one I love.

So, here’s to 2018- The Year of Fire. Here’s to Passion, Rebirth & New Beginnings

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