What Is ‘Voice’ And How The Devil Do You Find It?

Every writer has heard some variation on it: 'You need to find your voice', 'When you find your voice', 'Wow, I love that author's voice' -- what in the world does this mean? We're writing, not speaking, RIGHT? How can we be talking about a voice when reading is silent? (Don't bring up reading aloud, … Continue reading What Is ‘Voice’ And How The Devil Do You Find It?


Review: Trial By Song by Alicia Gaile

Welcome to the Indie Book Tour, where I read & review Indie & Self-Published novels in an exploratory and somewhat secretive fashion. Today we are discussing Trial By Song by Alicia Gaile There was time for one last gulp of air before the vines claimed their victim and dark, fetid water closed over his head. Trial By … Continue reading Review: Trial By Song by Alicia Gaile

Review: Malfunction by J.E. Purazzi

Malfunction, by J.E. Purazzi is a bio-punk sci-fi dystopian New Adult adventure for the mind and soul. (try saying that ten times fast!) Don't let my over-categorization turn you off though, if you enjoy character-driven plot, high-stakes intensity and and excellent world-building, you are in for a treat with this one.