Review: dissent : RENEGADES by R.J. Furness

RENEGADES is the first installment of the new dissent Series by R.J. Furness.  Hundreds of years in the future, in an ice-age complete with animals and humans alike who have had to evolve over time in order to endure, "The Union' has emerged. A new order in the icy-dystopia, where humans have once again banded together to survive any way possible. But where one would rule, there is always those who will dissent.


Review: The Traveler by E.B. Dawson

The Traveler by E.B. Dawson, is a sci-fi fantasy novel set in what feels like a futuristic, technologically-advanced world. Whether or not that world is our future, or another, remains to be determined. Our main character, Anissa Robson, is starting in her new position as an intern to a politician. In this world, everything is automated and the people don't dream. Literally, they do not dream. Except, Anissa has started to dream more and more frequently of another place, a simpler life in a gloriously beautiful land. Away from her bureaucratic nightmare of a job, away from the freezing rain and drudgery of her city, away from all the people who don't believe in the fantastical. Her dreams are deceivingly realistic, and more and more she wishes they were real.

Review: The Rise of Aredor Series (Books 1 & 2) by Claire M. Banschbach

Welcome to The Rise of Aredor Relaunch Blog Tour! Today I'll be sharing reviews of both books, The Rise of Aredor & The Wildcat of Braeton  by Claire M. Banschbach. Also, it is your lucky day, because The Rise of Aredor is on sale for only $0.99 at Amazon, go grab it and enjoy! Read to the end for the … Continue reading Review: The Rise of Aredor Series (Books 1 & 2) by Claire M. Banschbach